Peer review process

Authors should comply with the editorial policy of the journal, mainly:

  • To fit into the theme of each issue, which is announced through various means of dissemination, at least 5 months in advance
  • To submit article proposals with at least three months before publication
  • To write the manuscripts respecting the scientific, ethical and stylistic requirements and the writing norms imposed by Interstudia journal
  • To include abstracts in two foreign languages and keywords, emphasizing the originality of the approach, the methodology adopted, the expected results
  • To provide the following information: scientific title, institutional affiliation, contact details (email, telephone, regular address)
  • To complete a Declaration(link), regarding the authenticity of the article, as well as the agreement for the material to be published

1. Initial evaluation

In the  first stage, the observance of the typewriting recommendations for authors is analyzed and each article is verified through a plagiarism detection program. In case of non-observance of the technical editing recommendations or of the obvious evidence of plagiarism, the manuscript is returned to the authors for the correction of the found irregularities or for a complete rewriting.

2. Type of peer review

Interstudia applies the double blind peer review evaluation method.

For one month, each article is evaluated by two specialists in the thematic area of the article, who may be members of the scientific committee or other experts appointed by the editorial board.

The evaluation form is in such a manner so that information about the identity of reviewers and authors is known only to the editorial board.

The reviewers provide the following guidance for publication:

  • Publication of the paper without modifications
  • Publication of the paper with minor changes
  • Publication of the paper after making substantive changes (cf. the reviewer’s recommendations)
  • Refusal

The forms with the possible observations will be sent to the editors in charge of the respective issue, who will then send them to the authors.

The submission of the final, corrected form, should be done within two weeks.

3. Final publication notice

In the case of articles that have been rewritten following the proposals / suggestions of the scientific reviewers, a new rereading is performed by another reviewer, who gives the final approval for publication.

The editorial board reserves the right not to publish articles that do not comply with the scientific and technical editing rules of Interstudia journal, articles that have not received a favourable opinion following the anti-plagiarism check, as well as articles that are not sent on the set date.

The final decision to publish the articles belongs to the editorial board.

4. Evaluation criteria (evaluation form link)

The reviewers will evaluate the proposal, following:

  • its framing in the fields of major interest of the journal
  • the original points of view and the topicality of the theme chosen
  • the relevance of the theoretical and applied research
  • the clear presentation of results.