• Gruevska Madjoska,  Simona
In 1913, the region known asMacedoniawas divided in three parts between theKingdomofSerbs, Croats and Slovenes,BulgariaandGreece. The current situation is as follows: the official language in theRepublicofMacedoniais Macedonian, but in certain regions in which the majority population is Albanian, the Macedonian language loses its primacy; inBulgaria, the Macedonian language is considered only as a dialect of the Bulgarian language and inGreeceit is not even recognized as Macedonian, but as a form of a Slavic dialect and it has been the cause of reprisals in the past 100 years. Therefore, the status of the Macedonian language in theRepublicofMacedonia, the status of Macedonian as a dialect inBulgariaand the absence of any status at all inGreece, as well as the problem of identity in certain parts, form an increasingly complex situation.