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This article is about spoken French and talks more specifically about a study on sociolinguistic variation in a French as a Second Language (FSL) classroom. The main goal of the study is to verify which registers are used by learners during French lessons and if they master variation, to determine if it can be taught. We observed two FSL courses in Poland, each during one semester. The first one takes place at the university with intermediate students (B1-B2). The second one takes place in a private institute (Alliance Française), with learners less numerous but of the same beginner level (A1). In both cases, the teacher is a native French speaker. All the lessons were recorded to be analysed. In this article, we present the first analysis of the corpus on the production of the teacher and learners. Focusing on how the teacher talks allows us to see on what variation the learners are exposed during lessons, since the teacher is the principal if not the only contact with a native French for the students. We will also analyse how the sociolinguistic mastery of the students evolves during a semester where they are exposed to a native teacher talk.

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