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The aim of this research is to present the aspects of language acquisition in language teaching and learning by analysing the learning conditions, the communicative and interactional aspects between the students and the teacher, the strategies employed in language comprehension, the cognitive processes employed in language apprehension and last but not least, finding the most effective strategies that will enhance the students’ vocabulary and language development. Learning a foreign language during preparatory seminars is quite a challenge for the students of foreign origin who wish to study at a technical university in Romania as they need to get acquainted first with the basic vocabulary, with a different pronunciation and with structures specific to different types of speech. Although the urge of using fundamental language techniques in order to develop the students’ linguistic skills, in a very short period of time, may slow their pace in an attempt to develop their technical vocabulary, this is one step without which the students will not be able to discuss on different topics chosen in accordance with their future field of study.

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