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Our communication will analyze, in opposition, the verbs describe and narrate, making a parallel between the verbs be and act.On the one hand, it is preferable to distinguish between describe which means “to represent as a whole, in writing or orally” (Robert, 1992: 466) and narrate, synonym of “telling the facts.” (Ibid: 1256). It is necessary to present the structures of the descriptive text as well as the descriptive order. A successful description is always connected to the narrative, since places presented are inhabited by characters.On the other hand, the narrative involves a sequence of events which constitute the fiction. In order to tell the succession of facts, the author takes action on the internal organization of the text.Thus, for the description, the vocabulary of vision, especially, has a great importance. Regarding the narration, the verbs of action play an important role in the process of changing the characters’ state.

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