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Questioning on the notion of possible worlds brings forward a number of interpretations announcing the modal realism underlying the plurality of worlds and it often generates contradictions regarding the identity of the present world. By the nature of its construction, the political domain is located on the border of possible worlds, realizing the juxtaposition of the current dimensions with the potential ones. The political discourse is hidden in the model of an ideal world, which seems impossible to be assessed under these circumstances.
This paper aims to analyse how the third age relates to the current political issues, recalling the past that becomes the reference for today’s world. In this respect, reconstructing the past turns into a substitute for the present, which is full of memories and fantasies, regrets and projects, hopes and disappointments. The elderly use the past to build the future, to recreate the possible worlds, and these versions replace the world itself. The interest of the third age segment has its foundation in the accumulated values and experience, which enable them to assess the performances of the political actors.

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