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In Romania, older people are more interested in politics than the younger generation. For them, talking about politics is a leisure activity; it is simply recreational for them to exchange opinions as they can easily integrate into any group. Old people are equally interested in the elections and the voting process, participating in a significant number at the elections. Thus, our paper tries to analyse the way seniors get information about politics in general and about the elections in particular, by comparing the communist system with the democratic one. During the campaign, politicians are trying to attract as many senior citizens as possible into the electorate, by approaching specific topics of interest to this segment of voters.

Our investigation emphasises the way older people perceive the election process as well as their engagement into the process. Based on 10 semi-structured interviews with Romanian people aged between 65 and 75, our paper studies the elderly opinion and the motivation behind their vote with reference to the last presidential elections in Romania.

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