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The analysis of the images of the Nine Eleven’s tragedy, produced and shown in the World Trade center’s collapse will stand as the starting point of a thought about the symbolical mechanisms’ coordination of the capitalist society’s political imagination. The symbolic value of the scene’s different elements will be questioned, isolated from the each others first, and then associated, through the reading table given by one kind of mythological narratives inserted in the Indo-European tradition (especially the judeo-christian’s one), in the genesis of our civilization. So, we’re going to take, as referent narratives, the ones about “Babel Tower” and “The ten plagues of Egypt” that we consider as ones of the most important founding myths in our Culture: “Babel” will let us know about the nature of the relation, between the spectator and his environment, connected by the upward symbol. “The death of the firstborn son” will give us some keys to get the disaster as a kind of sacrificial crisis, a tragedy assigned to the necessity of reproduction – resurrection of the power on its own ashes, still incandescent.

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