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Jonas Hassen Khemiri is a Swedish author whose work is currently receiving more and more attention and appreciation. In his second novel, Montecore. The Silence of the Tiger (2011, the Swedish original was published in 2006), the author engages in a play of masks by means of a fictitious e-mail correspondence between an alter ego (sharing his name with the author) and someone pretending to be a close friend of his father’s, in the end seeming to represent the father himself. The text retraces the father’s life, the two correspondents both claiming the right of interpretation of this existence. While discovering and reconstructing his father’s life, the character Khemiri ends up questioning his image of the father and also that of himself and his own childhood. Is it possible to establish any kind of truth with regard to describing a person’s life, or do we have to content ourselves with an attempt to put together fragments of “truth”, tinged by personal experience?

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