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Would Jean-Pierre Verheggen hide behind the uncountable plays on words, the puns, the spoonerism, with which are stuffed his texts? All the masks which he shows would they constitute his appropriate and deep nature? The “poetry” of this contemporary trouvère joins not only in the socio-historic, socio-literary, sociocultural reality, which he realizes a real chamber of echo, but it is in connection with the autobiographical reality of the Belgian poet. What is thus the exact nature of the link weaved between the multiple phonic and semantic distortions, of which consists the main part of his poetic work, and the self-image which he gives through this kaleidoscopic reality? All the masks build themselves on the effects of blurring around the figure of the artist – which reflects the figure of the author, present in his text and in its empirical dimension, but also in the media image which is given by him. In reality, the writing of Verheggen underlines that there are only masks, that any voice is lost in the echos labyrinthiques produced by the polyphony of any text. After all, Verheggen contributes to a thorough reflection on the poetic word, reminding us with obsession that we are beings of culture and language

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