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The human living space consists of numerous manifestations in either the private or the public sphere. The relationships and the interactions between people are based not only on values and attitudes, and on the adopted norms, but also on the multiple roles they play. These relationships and the interactions are maintained due to some well defined and interpreted behavioural and communication patterns, as the French sociologist Raymond Boudon claimed.

Considered to be a specific obligation to their role, the norms constitute the rules that govern the individual and collective behaviours. Furthermore, Jean-Claude Kaufmanncompletes this picture, that is, the one in the social sphere: the norms of relationships that are continuously negotiated.

Generally, we are tempted to conceptualize the public sphere as being fragmented, comprising a number of spaces and/ or formations that sometimes connect themselves, but other times, on the contrary, they close themselves and/ or find themselves in conflict or debatable relations.

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