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The Rhetoric of Fashion hints at the whole world of Clothing – a dressing code subjected to a style and / or to an “ideology”. The Rhetorical System of Fashion may also imply a “poetics” of dressing known as Fashion and, particularly, the so-called Haute Couture. The last-mentioned one is supposed to lie at a crossroads where Beaux Arts meet functional arts due to some reasons: the dressing design reminds of the pictorial works (it sometimes employs tasteful and sophisticated cuts, refined and aesthetic combinations, even reproduction paintings to embellish the fabric); dressing, in its turn, has arisen the interest of the portraitists of all times. In the “making clothes” process, there cannot be ignored the correspondence between standardization and the breaking of “rules”, between premises for mass productions or sole exemplars. In the receiving process, the potential differences depend on the epoch, on the type of perception (professional or average), on the age, on the psychology of the wearer and so on. Regardless of their preference, taste, purpose and sensitivity, designers and customers share a common interest: to create works meant to satisfy the other(s) and to justify the other’s/others’ desire to wear them.

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