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Our purpose is to bring into light the adaptation process of the English words into Romanian literary language. Thus, we choose some Anglicisms from Constantin Negruzzi’s Scrisori and Vasile Alecsandri’s Călătorie în Africa. De la Biaritz la Gibraltar. We try to reveal the manner in which these Anglicisms adapt into Romanian literary language from different perspectives:

a) phonetical framing of the Anglicisms. We focus on the pronunciation, the spelling and the stress of the Anglicisms into Romanian literary language;

b) morphological adaptation of the Anglicisms into Romanian; We point out general aspects concerning the grammatical categories of nouns, such as: gender, number, case, and then we reveal certain features of the verbal conjugation and in the end of our paper, we try to present different characteristics of the variable/invariable adjectives, there where is really possible etc.

c) meanings of the Anglicisms into Romanian literary language from a semantic point of view;

d) certain types of synonyms, antonyms, paronyms and homonyms of the Anglicisms into Romanian literary language.

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