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The postmodern over passing of all kinds of contrasting forms is caused by the constant use of intertextual mirrors joined together in textual spaces that are homothetic in construction. They become game strategies by means of which the text and the world, although once opposing, get together. Combining the detail, the insignificant and the marginal with the perspectival opening towards wholeness within the dialogic texture, the postmodern authorial ego structures itself out of complementary heteromorphic facets. The main target of the present analysis lies in the focus on a new „Postmodern age” in reading Eminescu’s work to build up the image of the Romantic poet as surprisingly attached to the epistemologic realities of the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21th. By proposing a different approach on Eminescu’s work, now viewed through its inherent fractality, our approach will build up an innovative way of reading texts, that is the fractal method, which radically changes the image of the Romantic Eminescu, who seems ever more interested in grasping the dynamic multifaceted universe.

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