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The analysis of the image of the woman in Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatraconcentrates on the portrayal of the female protagonist and on her characteristic of being loved and admired by all men in the tragedy. This attribute is used to show how Cleopatra is worthy or unworthy of the love of other persons. The analysis has been conceived as a contrast to the other female characters, and comparing them would provide a key to a better understanding of this woman, who has been so often a topic for the controversial debates. The central issue of the drama is whether Antony is subjectively convinced that Cleopatra is really worthy of his love and whether Cleopatra objectively deserves Antony’s love. In the portrayal of the female characters the antitheses are lying within their surface characteristics: Octavia is a young woman who becomes involved in a relationship that is made legitimate through the bond of marriage, while Cleopatra is a mature woman who has plenty of experience with her husband and her lovers.

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