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Spirit with broad cultural interests, with a huge information about such domains like: literature, philosophy, esthetics, comparative literature, Alexandru Dima was always concerned about “Romanian phenomenon”, seen both in its entirety, as well as its specific identity. This man of culture has shown concern for spiritual, artistic and literary identity, of a society, which, after the First World War, tried to rebuild a new path. The future society was seen by him as belonging to “society of tomorrow”, which is just the young generation, educated, with concern for aesthetics, philosophy and literature and thinking, trying to build the future and give a cultural identity.

That is why, addressing this generation as a guide through the wide preoccupations, Alexandru Dima shaped a vivid painting of humanity. Identity is central to his concerns, some managing to trace some directives to what is specifically our, not leaving the universality, in which we include, outside.

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