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Aida Vrioni (her true name is Maria Mateescu) was born in Ploieştiin 1886. She wrote short stories and sketches from the age of 15, and she sent them to Carmen journal in Bucharest. In 1904, C. Mille hired her at Adevǎrul, and she became the first woman journalist in Romania. Her rubric was entitled Impresii şi palavre. She founded, together with Adela Xenopol, Societatea Scriitoarelor Române. She published three volumes: Rǎtǎcire, Fata-sport, şi zilele grǎiesc. Her journal is still little known by the public. The first notebook dates from WWI (it starts with 1915 and ends with the withdrawal of the German army fromBucharest). The journal is the sincere testimonial of moments felt dramatically, yet with confidence and hope. She died in 1954.


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