Interstudia is the review of the Interdisciplinary Centre for the Study of Contemporary Discursive Forms (INTERSTUD) whose members are recruited from among the teaching staff and the students at the Faculty of Letters from the University of Bacau. Through its pluri- and interdisciplinary content, the review aims to be a debate forum of the most advanced ideas in the field of discourse analysis, from the point of view of the relations between discourse and society.

The themes of the previous issues of the review are listed below:

  • 1/2008„Des autres à soi-même. Les voies du retour”
  • 2/2008”Otherness and Identity. Journeys back to the self”
  • 3/2009”Language, Discourse, Society”
  • 4/2009„Langue et Société, Discours et Pouvoir”
  • 5/2009 „Le discours sub specie ludi”
  • 6/2010 „Cultural spaces and identities in (inter)action”
  • 7/2010 „Paradigmes identitaires contemporains”
  • 8/2011 „Feindre, mentir, manipuler. Culture et discours de la mystification”
  • 9/2011 “Cultural diversity through language and communication”
  • 10/2011 “Communication et discours. Diversites culturelles et linguistiques (1); Paradigmes postmodernes(2)”
  • 11/2012 “Cultural spaces. Identity within/beyond borders”
  • 12/2012 “Discours et passions”
  • 13/2013 “ Margins, marginalization and the discourse of marginality”
  • 14/2013 “ Nouveaux plaisirs du texte”
  • 15/2014 “Cultural representations in the era of globalization”
  • 16/2014 “ Miroirs obliques : auto-représentations biaisées dans le discours et dans les arts”
  • 17/2015  ”Image, Imaginaire, Représentation”
  • 18/2015 ”Image, Imaginary, Representation”
  • 19/2016 “Discursive Forms.New Perspectives – Language, Literature, Communication”
  • 20/2016 “Formes Discursives. Nouvelles Perspectives”
  • 21/2017 “Discursive forms dream and reality”
  • 22/2017 “Réve et réalité”
  • 23/2018 „Être et agir”
  • 24/2018 “Formes discursives. Interactions, narrations, représentations”

Publishing languages: English and French
Issue frequency: biannual
The review is evaluated by The National Council of Scientific Research in Higher Education and rated C

CNCSIS code: 1008

It is also listed in The International Databases (IDB):
Index Copernicus
Fabula  (link 1, link 2)

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