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Permanently in search for some solid basis for the development of a socio-cultural and why not of literary awareness within the community, characterized by tension, the negotiation of identity and the sense of belonging are only partially solved and only at the discourse level through a periodical reconstruction of the identity image. At the same time, living within oneself, with oneself and with others represents a neuralgic aspect of the contemporary individual.

Stefan Agopian’s journalistic work places itself within the society, this leading us to the idea that its statements are expressed with the help of being attributed to a certain place and position, avoiding the danger of superficiality and untruthfulness. The main aim of the current paper is to approach Stefan Agopian’s journalistic discourse in relationship with the ideological context, but also with the political and contemporary one, insisting on objectivity, irony, even on self-irony. This is a manner through which, not being able to depart from themselves, they draw attention on the textual obsessions, vital and merciless obsessions of the contemporary writers who reject the often destructive prejudice with dignity. According to this, without renewing themselves, giving up their already acknowledged identity, writers can not remain successful and influential for more than a few decades.

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