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Formulations and reformulations are strategies or moves which have important argumentative functions within mediation, helping the mediator to manage “the multiple and sometimes paradoxical demands”[1] he is subjected to. The argumentative task that (re)formulations perform enables the mediator to clarify positions, summarize the status of the issues at stake, identify the points of agreement and disagreement, and lay out options for the parties to resolve their impasse. The paper explores the various linguistic techniques by means of which reformulation is done in the mediation context, such as, paraphrasing, summarizing, the use of repetition and restatement. These will be exemplified with fragments from Jimmy Carter’s interventions in the Middle East conflict betweenEgypt andIsrael.


[1] Eemeren, Frans H. van, Rob Grootendorst, Sally Jackson and Scott Jacobs, Reconstructing Argumentative Discourse, Tuscaloosa and London, The University of Alabama Press, 1993, p.138.

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